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How to Play Aka Pur Char

Here is a great little Parsi card game to play with both kids and adults. It's called Aka Pur Char, which essentially means 'put four on ace'. Super simple to play, and suitable from ages 4 and up!


Suitable for ages 4+

Best enjoyed with 2-4 players

You will need a full deck of cards including jokers. Note the following special cards:

  • JACK = 1 card

  • QUEEN = 2 cards

  • KING = 3 cards

  • ACE = 4 cards

  • JOKERS = 5 cards

How to play:

  1. Shuffle the cards, split the deck evenly between players and keep your cards concealed, facing down.

  2. Player to the right of the dealer starts by putting their top card face-up into the middle.

  3. If the card is just a number, the next player adds to the pile of cards.

  4. Keep playing until someone puts down a special card.

  5. The following player must put down the number of cards corresponding to the guide above. For example, if Player 1 puts down a King, the Player 2 must then put down 3 cards.

  6. If Player 2 puts down the number cards (not the special cards) required, Player 1 wins and collects the entire pile. If however player 2 puts down a special card during their turn, the game shifts again to the right and the next player must put down the corresponding number of cards. This is shown in the video above.

  7. Keep playing until one player has the entire deck. NOTE - If the last player cannot finish putting down the cards required, they forfeit. For example, if a King is placed down and the next player has only 1 card left, they put down the card then forfeit.