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7 Key Reflections from 2015




7 Key Reflections from 2015

Good Parsi Wife

New Year's Eve 2015 is upon us and the homemade pizza tradition is complete, this year's being one of the best I've ever made (if I do say so myself). We're taking a quick work break before reconvening to watch a Mortal Kombat movie. Last year it was Van Damme's Hard Target - we seem to enjoy watching martial arts movie to bring in the new year with a KICK!

Anyway, we don't believe in New Year's Resolutions because the Good Parsi Hubby is of the strong opinion that improvements to your life should be made immediately, not just on the 1st of Jan. So, I'd like to share a little bit about what I've learned from the year that was 2015:

1. I never thought I'd be able to manage two boys by myself, but I have, and now things can only get easier (I hear my friends with older kids saying - HA!).

2. 'Is it too late now to say sorry' to Justin Bieber for bagging his music in the past? I LOVE his new songs, and the kids and I can't stop singing and dancing to his 2015 tunes - never thought that would happen in a million years.

3. You can't maintain meaningful relationships with people you can't relate to - it's as simple as that.

4. My patience has increased tenfold after experiencing terrible twos with GPKid#1 - having to reason with an irrational almost 3 year old about why we have to take the detour and can't go the normal way home while he wails loudly will do that to you.

5. I always say I have no time, but I can proudly say that I've managed the kids, built my webpage myself, created and edited videos by myself, and managed to get my garden underway. Sometimes the more you have to do, the more efficient you become.

6. My body can function well on an average of 4.5 hours a night - over a period of more than 9 months (please #2, please learn to sleep through the night).

7. I never understood people's 'need' for morning coffee Now I do, along with my need for afternoon and evening coffees, too.

I wish all my followers a rocking 2016, and may this be the best year ever!