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That's a Wrap!




That's a Wrap!

Good Parsi Wife

Disclaimer - I have not been paid/hired as an “Influencer” to review this brand. A few GPW followers have been keen to know more, and so here are my thoughts :-)

With the big change in Australia right now, I am very aware of my plastic use, and have alternatives on my mind. I saw an online ad for a different brand of reusable beeswax wraps recently, and with a bit of shopping around, I thought I’d make the investment into this Australia Brand to see how they were. I am please to say - I’M OBSESSED!

1. What are they?

The wraps are an alternative to single use plastic/cling wrap.


2. What are they made of?

The wraps are made of 100% biodegradable, all natural ingredients:

  • Ethically sourced, GOTS Certified organic cotton from India
  • Australia organic beeswax
  • wild harvested coconut oil
  • Australia natural jojoba oil
  • Dammar natural tree resin from Indonesia

3. How and where are they made?

The handcrafted cotton squares are dipped into the melted solution, dripped and folded in New South Wales, Australia.

4. How do they work?

The wraps become malleable when you work and wrap them, so you can mould them around food and bowls creating a protective, breathable cover. You can also make little packs and envelopes to seal snacks.

5. What have I used them for so far?

  1. Wrapping a pumpkin
  2. Wrapping an apple
  3. Wrapping our pieces of cake for work
  4. Covering bowls
  5. Covering my Kombucha (how stylish does it look now!?)

6. How to clean them?

Rinse in cold water (mild and soapy if you wish but so far water has been good enough for me)

7. How long do they last for?

With proper care, they can last for 6 to 12 months. I’m still in my first month of use so will be keen to see if they really do keep their stickiness for that long (I do hope so!).

7. Any restrictions?

You can’t wash them in hot water (ingredients will melt off!) hence you cannot get them in contact with raw meat.

8. Can you make them at home?

Yes you can apparently. When the Magical Time Fairy grants me free time (that will be the day) I’ll look into that. However, for the time being, my lovely Bee Wrappy wraps are doing the job just fine…

I bought this bulk pack which I thought was best value for money – plus free shipping in Australia!


Hope that helps a few of you who are interested and looking into wraps...

Peace out!